CEPRI webinar series on Digital Platforms as Private Governance Systems – Spring/Summer 2021

Digital platforms play an increasingly important role in society, both as fora for commercial exchange of goods and services and as communication channels around the world for billions of people. Moreover, platforms seem to create their own, private norm systems, by defining the rules applicable on the platform, by implementing these rules, e.g. through user exclusion and content moderation, and by offering dispute resolution or complaints systems for their users. The CEPRI webinar series focuses on different aspects of these platform governance systems. It will be inaugurated with the following webinar: 

Wed, April 7, 14.00 (CEST): Prof. Vassilis Hatzopoulos, Panteion University, Athens, Greece: Inaugural talk on Platforms as private governance systems and the role of regulation (Click on the webinar to register).

Afterwards follows a series of seminars on the theme:

‘Online-market places and private law perspectives’

The following webinars have been planned (all CEST):
(Click on the webinar to register)

Fri, April 16, 14.30: Associate prof. Irina Domurath, Central University of Chile: On-line platforms and the concept of autonomy in contract law

Wed, April 28, 14.00: Prof. Peter Rott, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany: Private law perspectives on the DSA proposal

Tues, May 18, 14.00: Prof. Ole Hansen & Research assistant Hamish Ritchie, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, UCPH: Self-policing contractual practices of business-to-business platforms - unilateral variation rights in platform-user agreements

Mon, May 31, 14.00: Associate prof. Paul Verbruggen, Tilburg University, The Netherlands,  and Prof. Vibe Ulfbeck, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, UCPH: Product liability of on-line market places – back to where we started?

Thur, June 17, 14.00: Phd student Berdien van der Donk, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, UCPH: Obligation to contract of on-line platforms as essential facilities?

Wed, June 30, 14.00Assistant professor Marlene Buch Andersen, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, UCPH: Platform workers and insurance issues  

Mon, Sept 6, 14.00:  Ass. prof. Jaakko Salminen, University of Turku, Finland/CBS, Denmark, prof. Kevin Sobel-Read, prof. Mika Viljanen: Regulating the Sustainability of Digital Platforms

Wed, Sep 15, 14:00: Professor Vanessa Mak, Leiden University: Online Platforms as Regulators. A Legal Pluralist Perspective