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Would you like to give students better supervision?

Would you like to become an even better supervisor for students writing their master thesis? Would you like to learn about good supervision practice through working with realistic cases, getting feedback from students and reading one or two academic articles about supervision?

In this workshop you will work together with colleagues on supervising a student who needs supervision for his or her current master thesis. You will get feedback from the participating students on how they understand the different ways of supervising. In view of this we will work on ways to improve supervision: Can we see structural or practical problems that we can resolve? Can pedagogical research give useful explanations for what works and what does not work when supervising? And not least: How can we improve supervision settings in the future? Can we develop tools, guidelines or the like that will be helpful for the teachers and be supportive of the supervision process?

This workshop is a mandatory part of The Teacher Training Programme as well as the pedagogical programme for the PhD-students.

The workshop will be facilitated by assistant professor and postdoc Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard and pedagogical consultant Bente Kristiansen. For further information, please contact:

karina.egholm.elgaard@jur.ku.dk, phone: 23435385 or bente.kristiansen@jur.ku.dk, phone: 93565016

Please, sign up for the workshop no later than 20 January 2017 by sending an email to: Bente.Kristiansen@jur.ku.dk.

After signing up you will receive a couple of academic articles on relevant research in this field. These will be included in the work during the workshop.


  • Introduction to the workshop – and reflections based on the articles and questions prepared beforehand
  • The supervisors will be working in groups of 3-4 people. Each group will have a visit from a student writing a master thesis and asking for supervision on a specific question or problem in relation to this master thesis
  • The students will reflect on the supervision they got: What was useful, what was not useful – and why? Supervisors will listen.
  • The supervisors will reflect on what the students noticed about the supervision process – and maybe compare with their own perception of what happened during the supervision.
  • Against this background the supervisors decide on 3-5 pieces of advice on supervision as well as 3-5 needs that supervisors have in order to give good supervision, for instance specific didactical tools.
  • Summing up: What have we learned? What is needed? What can we do?
    • What kind of problems do we face: structural, practical? Or?
    • How can pedagogical research (the articles) contribute to understanding the problems and lead to better practices?
    • Which problems can we try to solve? Maybe by developing tools or guidelines etc.?