Workshop: How to Interest Students in (Allegedly Dry) Legal Fields - Ready-Mades for your Teaching – University of Copenhagen

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Workshop: How to Interest Students in (Allegedly Dry) Legal Fields - Ready-Mades for your Teaching

How can students’ intrinsic motivation be increased? And how can we demonstrate the relevance of allegedly dry legal fields?

In this workshop, participants will experiment with several legal didactic tools that help demonstrating the relevance of allegedly boring legal fields to students, for example through relating specific legal fields to students’ daily lives.

Administrative law will form a starting point for this workshop, as it seems especially remote to students in their early twenties, who are neither registering an assembly, nor contesting their neighbours’ building permit, or do not (yet) consider a career as a district judge or municipal clerk. However, students’ daily lives are surprisingly full of references to administrative law, and so are newspapers and popular culture.

The main part of the workshop consists of participants preparing ready-mades for their own courses, putting ideas into practice by designing templates and applications. Participants then share their results for further exchange of ideas and inspiration.

The workshop is convened by associate professor Dr. jur. Eike Michael Frenzel, PhD (Münster and Freiburg), who has published on action learning for administrative law, in cooperation with PhD candidate Jakob Wested (Research Group on Law Teaching and Learning and CIIR).

Registration: For participation in the event please use this registration form no later than Friday 9 June 2017, 12:00.

For questions, please contact: Research group coordinator: Werner Schäfke, PhD