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Workshop: Grading Written Exams in Law School

Grading written exams is not only a lot of work for examiners it is often also frustrating for students, who suspect the grading process to be very subjective and final grades to be arbitrary. This workshop addresses these challenges from a law school perspective.

Participants will reflect on how grading written exams relates to specific conditions and different expectations of students, instructors, and examiners, and discuss requirements, conditions, and dos and don’ts of good grading. In addition, the participants will try out some feasible and easy to use tools for instructors and examiners for substantiating their grading process.

The workshop is convened by associate professor Dr. jur. Eike Michael Frenzel, PhD (Münster and Freiburg), who has long experience in and conducted research on preparing examiners for grading written exams in cooperation with Bente Kristiansen, PhD, and Werner Schäfke, PhD (Research Group on Law Teaching and Learning).

Registration: For participation in the event please use this registration form no later than Friday 9 June 2017, 12:00.

For questions, please contact: Research group coordinator: Werner Schäfke, PhD