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'Conflict and Justice': monthly lunch seminars

Students meet and discuss with the scholars!

All students and faculty members are kindly invited to participate in a series of lunch seminars arranged by the EICRIM, a Faculty of Law research group focusing on European and international criminal justice, the law of armed conflicts and human rights, international terrorism and security law.

  • 14 October: "The Crime of Aggression after t9 November he ICC Review Conference - Will the next War against Iraq end before the ICC?", by Assistant Professor, PhD Martin Mennecke.
  • 11 November: "Failing the 'Blood Diamonds' Case in the Special Court for Sierra Leone", by PhD-scholar Iryna Marchuk.
  • 9 December: Goldstone & Flotilla: Is the UN at war with Israel?, by Assistant Professor, PhD Anders Henriksen.

Time: 12:15-13:30

Venue: Bisp 203, Bispetorv 1-3, DK-1167 Copenhagen K

Registration deadline: 9 November 12:00 the latest  

For registration please use this Registration form

Sandwiches will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

All interested students and faculty members are welcome!

Jørn Vestergaard