About the research group

iCRIM is a research group focusing on international crime and criminal law. The research group was established in 2009 at the initiative of Professor Jørn Vestergaard together with a group of young scholars with research interests in international criminal law, European criminal law, Danish criminal law and criminology.

Within the legal field, the research group is particularly strong in the following research areas

  • theory of international criminal law and justice
  • international crimes and their prosecution in international and national courts
  • ad hoc tribunals, hybrid tribunals, and the International Criminal Court
  • international criminal procedure and evidence
  • law of cybersecurity
  • interaction between international criminal law and international humanitarian law; interaction between international criminal law and public international law
  • European criminal law: harmonization and mutual recognition, European arrest warrant, extradition
  • Danish criminal law and procedure
  • comparative criminal law

In connection with the research group a contact forum has been established aiming at information dissemination among scholars and practitioners. The contact forum is open for anyone working within this field. Thus, colleagues with an interest in criminal law and criminology, constitutional law, international law, human rights law, etc. Are welcome to join.

The group is actively engaged in research activities by organizing conferences in fields of international and European criminal law and justice, offering specifically tailored PhD courses and actively taking part in the research conferences in the field of criminal justice in Denmark and abroad.