EICRIM - European and International Criminal Law Research – University of Copenhagen

EICRIM - European and International Criminal Law Research

Subjects of interest for iCRIM, The Copenhagen University Research Group on International Crime and Criminal Law

The members of the research group produce high quality academic scholarship in the fields of international and European criminal law, criminology, and national and comparative criminal justice, as well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in criminal law, criminology and related subjects. Members of the Group also regularly engage in media and public debates around the area of criminal justice.

Among the subjects of interest to the members of the research group are:

  • Contemporary developments within the field of international, transitional and European justice and adjudication of international and transnational crimes in national jurisdictions.
  • Impact of European and international justice upon contemporary political processes and vice versa.
  • Problematic legal issues of substantive and procedural character arising in the work of international criminal courts as well as national jurisdictions.
  • The convergence of and cooperation between major world legal systems in shaping the body of international criminal law.
  • Transnational crime and criminal markets.
  • International terrorist and extremist movements.
  • Global and cultural criminology.