Data Science for Asylum Legal Landscaping (DATA4ALL)

Leveraging large-scale decision data in the Nordics, DATA4ALL pioneers a new research agenda combining data science and migration law to understand the significant outcome variations in asylum decisions within and across countries.

Despite decades of legal harmonization, the chance of receiving asylum for people from the same country still varies significantly across Europe. DATA4ALL will compare large-scale decision data from the Nordic countries and use natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, machine learning, and process mining to unpack and provide a unique understanding of this phenomenon. The project further draws on critical data studies to engage decision-makers themselves, raise questions to the data and promote data literacy and ethics among both scholars and practitioners.


















Internal researchers

Name Title Image
Byrne, William Hamilton Postdoc Billede af Byrne, William Hamilton
Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas Professor with special responsibilities Billede af Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas
Høgenhaug, Anna Højberg PhD Student Billede af Høgenhaug, Anna Højberg
Olsen, Henrik Palmer Associate Dean of Research Billede af Olsen, Henrik Palmer

External researchers

In addition, two PhD researchers and two postdocs will be employed as part of the project team.


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Data Science for Asylum Legal Landscaping (DATA4ALL) has received a four year funding from the DATA+ pool administered by the Rector of University of Copenhagen. 

Period: 1 september 2020 – 31 August 2024.


Thomas Gammeltoft-HansenPI Professor
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

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