Code, Law, and Language - COLLAGE

The COLLAGE project consists of linguistic experiments to create a measurement of the effect(s) of framing on the use of analogical reasoning and the use of judicial precedent in legal decision making.

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Slosser, Jacob Livingston Assistant Professor +4535326390 E-mail


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COLLAGE - Code, Law & Language has received a three year funding from Carlsberg Foundation

The project is led by Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Jacob Livingston Slosser.

COLLAGE - Code, Law & Language
(Grant number: CF18-0481)

Period: 01-02-2019 – 31-01-2021


Jacob Livingston SlosserPI Postdoctoral Researcher
Jacob Livingston Slosser

South Campus, Building: 6B.4.49
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 63 90