Urska Sadl is a researcher at iCourts' Autonomisation Group – University of Copenhagen

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04 October 2012

Urska Sadl is a researcher at iCourts' Autonomisation Group

Urska SadlShe completed her studies in law (BA and MA) at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and she holds an LLM degree from The College of Europe, Brugge, Belgium.

Having worked at the Court of Appeal in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia and at the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), she is keen on all matters judicial, especially on the “enigma of judge-made law” and the interplay of law and politics in judicial decisions.
In her PhD thesis, Urska has closely examined the process of precedent construction and justificatory practices of the CJEU, playing with different approaches from comparative to legal theoretical. She has also used simple techniques of citation network analysis to explore the constraint of precedent in European jurisprudence.   
At iCourts, Urska will further develop qualitative and quantitative methods, which can advance our understanding of the judicial discourse and the development of law by international courts.