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17 April 2013

Faculty of Law attracts Australian top researcher

Steven FreelandFrom 1 July 2013 and the following two years Professor Steven Freeland will be associated to iCourts as a visiting professor.

Steven has previously co-operated with iCourts and based on a wish for closer co-operation he has applied for and received a scholarship from the International Incoming Fellowships (IIF), which is part of the Marie Curie programme. IIF intends to strengthen the European research by promoting the co-operation between European researchers and researchers from non-EU countries.

The scholarship means that the Faculty can welcome an internationally acknowledged researcher, and therefore it is a step towards a strengthened co-operation with the outside world and the creation of a research environment with international impact, which is a declared goal of the Faculty in the Strategy 2012-2016.

Steven will work with iCourts on the project "The implementation of international criminal justice: Deciphering a (more effective) way forward through the competing tensions".

The Faculty looks forward to welcoming Steven and engaging in co-operation.