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27 July 2018

Lecture Series - Rethinking Law, Democracy and Capitalism

As related to inequality, the rise of populism and the wider skepticism of the liberal order that governed domestic and global politics of Europe.

Speakers and lectures:

  • 14 September, 14-16:00: lecture by Perry Anderson (Professor Emeritus, UCLA, Department of History): The Standard of Civilization,
  • 29 November, 14-16:00: lecture by Colin Crouch (Emeritus Professor at the University of Warwick): What institutions do we need to reform capitalism?,
  • 7 December, 14-16:00: lecture by Samuel Moyn (Professor at Yale University, Department of History) on Human Rights History after the Inequality Debate,
  • 11 December, 14-16:00: lecture by Marija Bartl (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam) on Legal Imaginaries and Social Change

Speakers in the spring semester 2019 (all confirmed, dates and titles TBC):

  • David Singh Grewal (Professor, Yale Law School),
  • Karen Alter (Professor, Nothwestern University, Department of Political Science and Permanent Visiting Professor, iCourts, University of Copenhagen)
  • Michael Wilkinson (Associate Professor, LSE Law)

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