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25 February 2014

New Radio interview with Mikael Rask Madsen

Mikael Rask MadsenIn two radio interviews with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation 14/2 and 19/2 Mikael Rask Madsen comments on the recent critique of the European Court of Human Rights concerning the great amount of ongoing cases. In the interview he argues that it is basically a political problem related to violations of human rights in Europe. A few countries in particular provide an extensive amount of cases. The ECHR has managed to reduce the amount of cases considerably over the last two years and produced about 3.500 decisions the last year. ECHR is not an inefficient court as such but it suffers from the burden of structural problems in a minority of the European countries. The number of ongoing cases in the ECHR simply reflects a lack of political reforms in countries which violates human rights for prisoners, orphans etc.

Listen to the full interviews here (in Danish)