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05 June 2013

Publications by Karen J. Alter

Karen J. Alter, Senior Researcher at iCourts has published articles and books


Karen Alter, Larry Helfer and Jacqueline posted their forthcoming article "A New Human Rights Court for West Africa: The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice"  This article will appear in the American Journal of International Law in October. Read the paper here


Karen Alter posted the introduction and table of contents of her forthcoming book "The New Terrain of International Law; Courts, Politics, Rights".  This book will be published by Princeton University Press in the fall. You can find the introduction on ssrn


Karen Alter and Larry Helfer posted their forthcoming article Legitimacy and Lawmaking: A Tale of Three International Courts on ssrn. This article will be published in Theoretical Inquiries in Law. Read the paper here

The book below came out in January 2013

Karen Alter published a chapter "The multiple roles of international courts and tribunals: Enforcement, dispute settlement, constitutional and administrative review", in INTERNATIONAL LAW AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: SYNTHESIZING INSIGHTS FROM INTERDISCIPLINARY SCHOLARSHIP 345-370. (Jeffrey Dunoff and Mark Pollack eds., 2012).
This book brings together the most influential contemporary writers in the fields of international law and international relations to take stock of what we know about the making, interpretation, and enforcement of international law.

Karen J. Alter
Professor of Political Science and Law, Northwestern University
Senior Researcher, iCourts Center of Excellence for International Courts,
University of Copenhagen
601 University Place
Evanston, IL 60201