New visitor at iCourts - Emilia Justyna Powell – University of Copenhagen

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24 March 2015

New visitor at iCourts - Emilia Justyna Powell

Dr Emilia Justyna Powell, Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame, will be visiting iCourts from 28 March to 25 April, 2015. She specializes in international law and organizations, international courts, territorial disputes, comparative law, and peaceful resolution of interstate disputes. Her current research agenda revolves around Islamic law states’ attitudes towards international law and international courts. During her stay, she will be working on and presenting a part of her book project entitled Islamic Law States and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes.

This research project focuses on similarities and differences between Islamic law and international law that may explain why some Islamic countries support only certain international settlement venues. In particular, the book asks: what factors can explain that some Islamic law states, despite the differences between international and Islamic law, choose resolution methods that heavily rely on international law, such as international courts?