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05 September 2012

New PhD Fellow at iCourts

Salvatore Caserta is a new PhD fellow in the Institutionalisation Group at iCourts. His research explores how the doctrinal findings on the institutionalisation of the ECJ could be applied to other "regional" economic courts such as the Mercosur Permanent Review Tribunal, the Central American Court of Justice and the Caribbean Court of Justice.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Roma Tre with a final dissertation in Philosophy of Law entitled Political Spaces and the Constitution. In this work he analysed the role of constitutional courts as guardian of the constitution and of the will of the people and, thus, as crucial assets of contemporary democracy.

Since then, he addressed his studies towards the interdisciplinary analysis of the judicialisation of politics and of its problematic influence on democracy. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Yale Law School where he had the chance to study with Professor Ackerman and to critically analyse his theory of judicial review and of the role of people in the drafting of the American Constitution.

He pursued a LL.M. at the Berkeley Law School, under the supervision of Professor Malcolm Feeley. During this program abandoned the Ackermanian dualistic approach to the constitution in order to explore different legal and sociological theories on the role of courts in the political process both at a national and at a transnational level. In particular, while focusing his research on the theories of Malcolm Feeley, Ran Hirschl and Anne-Marie Slaughter, he analysed the emergence of the phenomenon of the judicial globalisation and its impact on nation-states with specific attention to the rise and institutionalisation of international courts.