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18 August 2014

New Book by Madsen and Thornhill

Law and the Formation of Modern Europe provides an overview of the foundations of the modern European legal order, and it explores processes of legal construction in both the national and the supranational domains. In its supranational focus, it examines the sociological pressures which have given rise to European public law, the national origins of key transnational legal institutions and the elite motivations driving the formation of European law. In its national focus, it addresses legal questions and problems which have assumed importance in parallel fashion in different national societies and which have shaped European law more indirectly. Examples of this are the post-1914 transformation of classical private law, the rise of corporatism, the legal response to the post-1945 legacy of authoritarianism, the emergence of human rights law and the growth of judicial review. This two-level sociological approach to European law generates unique insights into the dynamics of national and supranational legal formation.

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