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04 March 2013

New Visitor at iCourts Maria Varaki

Dr. Maria VarakiDr. Maria Varaki is a Greek lawyer and participates as a post doctoral fellow in the ERC project  Researching condition for effective international adjudication by the Law Faculty of Hebrew University, focusing on the question of legitimacy during the first prosecutorial term at the International Criminal Court. She holds a PhD in Law from the Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway and two LLM degrees in International and Comparative Law, one from Tulane University, School of Law and one from New York University, School of Law. Her PhD thesis explored the meaning of interests of justice in article 53 of the Rome Statute and its legal, policy and theoretical implications in the broader context of international criminal law and transitional justice. During the last four years, she has been a lecturer in public international law and human rights law, coordinator of the ICC summer course at the Irish Centre for Human Rights and a visiting professional with the Legal Advisory Section of the OTP.

Additionally, she has worked for the OHCHR in Geneva and the UNHCR in New York. During her postgraduate studies at NYU Law School, she was the research assistant of Prof. Thomas Franck, focusing on the question of genocide in the context of the Bosnia case before the International Court of Justice. Maria will be staying with iCourts from March to late May as a visiting fellow, in order to undertake parts of her research examining the legitimation effect of the ICC Judiciary during the first decade of the court.