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03 January 2013

Legitimacy through Constitutionalism

Poul F. Kjær

In a recent publication Poul F. Kjaer analyses the sources of legitimacy of transnational orders. He argues that in recent decades constitutional conceptuality has provided the central epistemological framework through which the issue of legitimacy of transnational orders has been addressed. Departing from a reconstruction of four central characteristics of transnational orders related to the concepts of organisational hierarchy, norm production, regimes and authority, the ongoing debate on transnational constitutionalism, and how the question of legitimacy beyond the state is addressed within this debate, is pinned out. Finally dimensions of a context adequate concept of the political is developed in order to provide a basis for evaluating the quest for legitimacy in the transnational realm.

Read more in Poul F. Kjaer: ‘Legitimacy though Constitutionalism’ 99 – 114 in Kathya Araujo, Aldo Mascareño (Eds.): Legitimization in World Society Aldershot: Ashgate, 2012).