Juan A. Mayoral publishes article in Journal of Common Market Studies – University of Copenhagen

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12 October 2016

Juan A. Mayoral publishes article in Journal of Common Market Studies

Title of the article: In the CJEU Judges Trust: A New Approach in the Judicial Construction of Europe.

Abstract: This article aims to highlight the relevance of judicial trust in international courts, focusing on national judges’ trust in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). EU Scholars have put a great deal of effort into explaining how legal and political factors affect the use of preliminary references by national courts. However, there is still a gap in the literature on the development of trust as a functional principle encouraging cooperation between national and international courts. This article explores the nature, causes, and potentials of judicial trust for the functioning of the EU judicial system. A theory is offered in the article, which links national judges’ trust in the CJEU to their corporatist identification and profile, their attitudes towards EU, and, to their beliefs about the CJEU’s ability to provide decisions that: 1) offer a clear guidance on European Union law, and, 2) will not undermine Member States’ legal order.
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The main findings of this project will be presented and discussed at the EURECO Distinguished lectures series 2016