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07 October 2011

Center of Excellence

Mikael Rask MadsenThe Danish National Research Foundation has selected an application from Mikael Rask Madsen for the establishment of the first legal Center of Excellence.

The Danish National Research Foundation is investing DKK 585 million in 11 new national research centres. Among those selected, from an application field totaling 198, is an application from Professor Mikael Rask Madsen applying for establishment of a Center of Excellence at the Faculty of Law.

As early as next week the contract negotiations between the Danish National Research Foundation and Professor and Head of CRS Mikael Rask Madsen begin concerning establishment of the Centre for International Courts (CIC). The Danish National Research Foundation is committed to allocate up to 42 DKK million over preliminary period of 6 years. Additionally, it is possible to obtain a 4-year extension in a new budget period.

From today's date this is the largest single grant for the Faculty of Law and recognition of the fact that research at the faculty can mix with the absolute international research elite.

The National Research Centre, which opens next new year, will be headed by Professor Mikael Rask Madsen. A number of researchers from the faculty and external partners will be attached, including Henrik Palmer Olsen, Marlene Wind, Karen Alter, Bart van Vooren, Anne Lise Kjær and Joanna Jemielniak.

The Danish National Research Foundation was established in 1991 as an independent foundation that works towards strengthening Danish research in all disciplines through larger and longer-term efforts. This is done primarily by establishing 'Centers of Excellence' for up to 10 years.