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14 August 2013

New PhD Fellow at iCourts

Amalie Frese is a new PhD fellow in the in Autonomisation Group from September 2013.

Amalie FreseAmalie’s research explores the development of non-discrimination jurisprudence at international courts. Increasingly diverse societies pose challenges to norms of equality and non-discrimination. International legal institutions are faced with the task of clarifying and developing the principle of nondiscrimination through its practices, whereby non-discrimination jurisprudence represents a legal field of political controversy about international courts’ case law. Central parts of the non-discrimination prohibitions of conventions and protocols are formulated as general requirements of nondiscrimination and equality before the law, and the legal interpretation of these principles becomes particularly difficult since the rule is very open. In tracking and investigating the development of non-discrimination jurisprudence at international courts, the project aims at developing a hypothesis of the role of non-discrimination jurisprudence in processes of autonomisation of the courts. 

Amalie holds a master degree in philosophy and sociology from University of Copenhagen with a specialization in practical and political philosophy and a final dissertation on philosophical theories of wrongfulness of discrimination. In the dissertation Amalie investigated how to formulate a plausible theory of what discrimination in fact is and why discrimination is morally wrong and undesirable in modern societies. This enhanced Amalie’s research interest in the circumstances and role of international legal institutions in developing contemporary anti-discrimination and equality law. 

Prior to pursuing a PhD fellowship at iCourts Amalie has been working as research assistant at Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (CESEM) and at Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) at the University of Copenhagen.