New Visitor at iCourts - Achilles Skordas – University of Copenhagen

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30 July 2014

New Visitor at iCourts - Achilles Skordas

Achilles was an advisor to the Greek Parliament on international legal affairs, and to the Greek Prime Minister on migration law and policy. His publications include three entries in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Peace, Proposals for the Preservation of; Supranational Law; Mass Media and International Relations), as well as contributions to the Zimmermann Commentary on the 1951 Refugee (2009). He is the co-editor of a recently published book on Piracy at Sea (Hart, 2014). During his stay, Achilles will conduct research on the topic ‘international courts and the evolution of the law of force’. He will also give a talk on another topic of his current research entitled ‘The paradoxical interaction between international and municipal courts’. He is also happy to discuss questions relating to the jurisprudence and legal policy of the International Court of Justice, the history of international law, and migration law and policy.