20 January 2021

New visitor at iCourts - Julie Wetterslev

Julie WetterslevJulie Wetterslev is a PhD Researcher at the European University Institute (EUI). Her doctoral research examines the titling of lands as indigenous territories on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, following the landmark sentence from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case Mayangna Sumo Awas Tingni v. Nicaragua. The project combines historical and ethnographic methods to investigate the creation and contestation of indigenous communal property through titling programs.

In her research, Julie Wetterslev, merges her interest in legal theory with a socio-legal approach to law, to explore issues related to indigenous jurisprudence, human rights, property rights and restorative and transitional justice. She has a strong knowledge of the Latin American and Caribbean region from previous studies, research, and activism, but is globally oriented and interested in issues that cross through geographical settings. She takes a particular interest in decolonial theory and legal pluralism, and in the role that eurocentrism plays in the study and practice of international law. She is also interested in the study of transnational networks in law, and in more philosophical and historical questions regarding the relationship between law and state formation.