2 February 2021

Henrik Palmer Olsen has new publication in Nature's Open Access Journal Scientific Reports

Henrik Palmer OlseniCourts' Co-Founder Henrik Palmer Olsen has today had a paper, titled 'Emergence of network effects and predictability in the judicial system', published online in Nature’s open access science journal Scientific Reports.

The article has been produced in collaboration with four researchers with academic roots in the fields of computer science, applied mathematics and datascience - more specifically Sune Lehmann from DTU Compute (Technical University of Denmark) and Center for Social Data Science (UCPH); Piotr Sapiezynski from Khoury College of Computer Sciences (Northeastern University); Simon Thordal from DTU Compute (Technical University of Denmark}, currently at Ulobby; and Eny Mones also from DTU Compute (Technical University of Denmark}, currently at Danske Bank.

The paper uses network science methods to analyze the underlying patterns of citations between judgments - specifically the citation structure of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) - to examine and understand the large-scale mechanisms which shape the judicial system. Over time, the complex network of citations evolves in a way which improves the ability to predict new citations, which is showed by using a link-prediction model.

The paper is available for online access through this link, and will also appear on PubMed.