14 July 2020

Retskraft/EUPoLex call for papers on EU Law & Politics


 The process of legal integration in the European Union involves many peculiar dynamics of interaction between law and policy of the EU and its Member States. The recent challenges, such as the migration and refugee crisis, Brexit, and the COVID-19 pandemic testify to the complex picture of this interaction. The continuous interplay between legal and political considerations within the EU suggests that the right approach to these challenges lies in a holistic and interdisciplinary investigation of EU law and politics.

The Special issue aims to advance the study of the intersection between EU law and politics, while contributing to the broader discussion on the current state of the EU and other regional projects. In this regard, we particularly welcome legal and interdisciplinary contributions enabling an understanding of the political and legal dynamics of the law-making process in the EU, the domestic implementation of EU law and policies, the functioning of the EU judicial system and CJEU, as well as dealing with the EU legal integration more generally.


Retskraft and the Jean Monnet Chair invite students and young researchers, with different geographical and academic background (law, political science, sociology, history) to publish their research papers on EU law in a peer-reviewed journal. The Special issue is expected in print by the end of 2020.

Retskraft is published by an editorial board consisting of students at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. For this special issue, submitted articles will be reviewed by the editorial board in collaboration with the members of the Jean Monnet action, as well as anonymous peer-reviewers. The editorial board is assisted by the academic Advisory board, which includes senior scholars from the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

Retskraft accepts articles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. Articles for this special issue must be submitted in electronic form before 1 september 2020 as an attached editable word file to the editorial board at retskraft@reskraft.dk. Articles must be no longer than 15 pages (roughly 6.700 words or 42.000 characters including spaces) and comply with the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). An author guide is available at retskraft.dk/bidrag