7 April 2020

New postdoctoral research fellow at iCourts - Karen Richmond

Karen RichmondKaren Richmond holds an LLB from the University of Edinburgh, an LLM in Advocacy, and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde. Her doctoral thesis used empirical methods to explore the influence of marketisation on forensic science provision in England, with a particular focus on DNA profiling.

Karen has worked as a postdoctoral research assistant with the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Sciences, where her project focussed on developing rational methods of criminal case construction, and improving interdisciplinary communication between law and science, to improve market regulation. She has also taught at University of Edinburgh Law School, specialising in evidence, and jurisprudence.

Karen’s research interests include systems theory, regulation of forensic biometrics, quantitative approaches to case construction, and evidential analysis. Her postdoctoral project charts the construction and organisation of international criminal justice cases ‘from the crime scene to the courtroom’, focussing on the influence that distributed networks of actors and agencies may have on evidential processes. This work is funded through the Danish National Research Council’s JustSites project.