5 August 2020

Juan A. Mayoral & Sabine Mair awarded with a Carlsberg Conference Grant

Sabine MairJuan MayoralJean Monnet Associate Professor Juan A. Mayoral and Marie Curie Research Fellow Sabine Mair (iCourts) won a Carlsberg Foundation Conference Grant awarding 60.000 DKK for the conference "Interdisciplinary approaches and methods in European Union law”.

Interdisciplinarity is ubiquitous. From editorial boards in academic journals, policymakers to opinion leaders, all seem to agree that the future of research lies outside firm disciplinary boundaries. However, interdisciplinary research nowadays is often pursued as an end in itself, rather than as a means to enhance insight and knowledge about a concrete problem or situation. In other words, what often seems to have gotten lost nowadays is the awareness that interdisciplinarity is not a value in itself, but is worth pursuing because it allows to transgress the introspective tendencies of singular disciplines. This is especially important when innovative solutions are required in times of crises. The European Union (‘EU’) is currently facing immense challenges, ranging from the financial difficulties brought about by Covid-19, the undermining of the rule of law, and questions of European solidary that the asylum crises has provoked. Integral solutions to such challenges can only be found if the introspective tendencies of the EU legal doctrine are overcome and if EU law is assessed and developed against the broader needs of the European society, the polity, and the market. This is the purpose of the conference to be organized at iCourts at the University of Copenhagen. It aims to create a spirit of interdisciplinarity amongst leading scholars working in the historical, political, sociological and economic study of EU law with the purpose of generating new and innovative propositions for the development of EU law.  

The conference will be celebrated under the auspices of iCourts, the Jean Monnet Chair in EU law & Politics (https://jura.ku.dk/eupolex) and the Marie Curie Action UNITE (https://jura.ku.dk/icourts/research/analyzing-the-judgements-of-the-european-court-of-justice-as-cultural-artefacts), all committed to the development and promotion of interdisciplinary research and education in EU law. The workshop aims to bring together scholars implementing interdisciplinary approaches to EU law and will serve as a forum for the discussion of the benefits and difficulties of adopting interdisciplinary approaches when researching EU law. In this regard, the participants will set out a common framework useful for the discussion between different disciplines in the study of EU law and for the identification of shared challenges and opportunities.