27 August 2020

International Law Breakfast Briefings - Fall 2020

Thursdays at 8:45 to 9:45 am (approx. every other week)

Venue: Meeting room 6B-4-04 (and Zoom), Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S

The ‘International Law Breakfast Briefings’ provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and students with an interest in international law to meet on a regular basis and exchange research, experience and views.

Format: The speaker will give a presentation of approx. 30 minutes followed by discussion. The presentation and discussion will be in English unless otherwise specified.

Meetings will be announced on Faculty’s webpage (https://jura.ku.dk/Kalender/) and will be open to the public. The maximum capacity of the meeting room during the fall of 2020 is 10 participants (‘first come first served’), who are all required to take the necessary COVID-19 precautions. A Zoom link will be provided for all other participants.

Researchers, incl. PhD students, and practitioners working in the field of international law, who are interested in giving a presentation at an International Law Breakfast Briefing, are welcome to contact astrid.kjeldgaard-pedersen@jur.ku.dk.

Fall 2020:

17 September: Kevin Jon Heller, Professor, Centre for Military Studies, UCPH: ‘Contested Legality: Power, Politics, and International Law During the Vietnam War’

24 September: HJ, Military Legal Advisor, Danish Defense Command, Staff of Operations ‘Weapons Screening and the Prohibition on the Use of Expanding Bullets in Contemporary Armed Conflicts’

8 October: Jakob Dideriksen, former Legal Adviser in the Danish Armed Forces and external lecturer in International Law, UCPH: ‘IHL in Practice: The Liberation of Mosul 2016-17’

29 October: Cornelius Wiesener, postdoc, and Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, Professor WSR, iCourts, UCPH: ‘Responsibility in Partnered Operations – General Issues’

26 November: Lena Trabucco, PhD Candidate, iCourts: ‘Legal Interoperability in Partnered Military Operation: The Case of Detention'

3 December: Steven Hill, former Legal Adviser and Director, Office of Legal Affairs, NATO: ‘Transatlantic Security Update’

10 December: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Professor WSR, iCourts, UCPH: ‘Deployment and Distress: Legal issues confronting Danish vessels in connection with search and rescue of migrant boats in the Mediterranean’