3 March 2020

Dothan Wins Carlsberg Conference Grant

Shai DothanAssociate Professor Shai Dothan (iCourts) won a Carlsberg Foundation Conference Grant awarding 49.800 DKK for the conference "How Personal Characteristics of International Judges Affect Their Rulings: Socio-Legal Perspectives". Dothan organizes the conference together with Marie Curie Fellow (iCourts) Gregor Maučec.

This conference examines the impact of international judges’ personal characteristics on their decision-making and reasoning. The contributions will reflect on the ways that personal backgrounds of international judges: gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, and age shape their judgments. Papers will apply doctrinal, sociological, and political science perspectives on this problem. They will use empirical methods, focusing on a specific international court or comparing several international courts. The conference will be held at iCourts - The Danish National Research Foundation's Centre of Excellence for International Courts. It will bring together members of the iCourts team and top researchers from abroad. The conference is expected to lead to a symposium issue in a peer-reviewed law journal.