18 February 2020

Dothan on International Judicial Review

Shai DothanAssociate Professor Shai Dothan (iCourts) published a monograph in the Cambridge University Press book series Studies on International Courts and Tribunals.

The monograph is titled: "International Judicial Review: When Should International Courts Intervene?"

The book is motivated by a question: When should international courts intervene in domestic affairs? To answer this question thoroughly, it is broken down to a series of separate inquiries: When is intervention legitimate? When can international courts identify good legal solutions? When will intervention initiate useful processes? When will it lead to good outcomes? These inquiries are answered based on reviewing judgments of international courts, strategic analysis, and empirical findings. The book outlines under which conditions intervention by international courts is recommended and evaluates the implications international courts have for society.

You can access the monograph here.