27 March 2019

New visitor at iCourts - Stavros Evdokimos Pantazopoulos

1 April - 30 June 2019

Stavros Evdokimos PantazopoulosStavros-Evdokimos Pantazopoulos is completing his PhD thesis at the European University Institute, Italy and holds the position of Legal and Policy Analyst at the Conflict and Environment Observatory, UK. His doctoral research focuses on the protection of the environment against the impacts of an armed conflict. In this connection, Stavros was a research assistant to former Special Rapporteur Marie Jacobsson during the 67th session of the International Law Commission in 2015 on the topic of ‘Protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts’. During his visit at iCourts, Stavros intends to examine how international courts and tribunals have dealt with the issue of environmental damage caused during an armed conflict. Stavros holds an undergraduate law degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and LLM degrees in international law from LSE, the European University Institute, and the University of Athens. Additionally, he was a Teaching Fellow at SciencesPo Paris, campus of Reims and has published in the fields of international humanitarian law, international environmental law, and autonomous weapons systems.