19 June 2019

New visitor at iCourts - Martin Brenncke

17 - 30 June 2019

Martin BrennckeDr Martin Brenncke is a Lecturer at Aston Law School, Birmingham (UK). Before joining Aston, he was Erich Brost Career Development Fellow in German and European Union Law at the University of Oxford and a Lecturer in commercial and business law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Martin’s research focuses on financial regulation (particularly investor protection law) and statutory interpretation. His recent monograph “Judicial law-making in English and German courts” (Intersentia, 2018) is concerned with the limits of judicial power in a legal system. It traces the practical implications of constitutional principles by exploring the outer limits of what courts regard themselves as authorised to do in the area of statutory interpretation. The book critically analyses, reconstructs and compares judicial law-making in English and German courts from comparative, methodological and constitutional perspectives.

During his visit at iCourts, Martin intends to explore (a) how Nordic courts determine the boundaries of legitimate judicial law-making and (b) how the legitimacy of judicial law-making is assessed in Nordic jurisdictions.