8 July 2019

Mikael Rask Madsen wins prize for best article published in ICON

Mikael Rask MadsenMikael Rask Madsen has together with his co-author, Professor Alexandra Huneeus, University of Wisconsin Law School, won the prize for the best article published in 2018 in the top journal ICON – International Journal of Constitutional Law

In their article, “Between universalism and regional law and politics: A comparative history of the American, European, and African human rights systems”, the authors provide a first ever systematic analysis of how the three regional human rights systems have emerged and developed as part of a common global script. They show how the human rights systems in Europe, Africa and the Americas have reacted to common geopolitical challenges yet developed regionally specific institutions, and how it collectively contributes to the making of a global order of human rights.


Huneeus, A., & Madsen, M. R. (2018). Between Universalism and Regional Law and Politics: A Comparative History of the American, European and African Human Rights Systems. ICON, International Journal of Constitutional Law, 16(1).