4 February 2019

Massive iCourts contribution to new special issue of European Journal of Legal Studies

iCourts researchers have produced a massive footprint on a new special issue of the European Journal of Legal Studies containing contributions from members of the Network of Legal Empirical Scholars (NoLesLaw).

  • As initiator of the NoLesLaw network, iCourts Global Fellow Urska Sadl has written the editorial (“A method of (free) choice”) which sets the stage for the special issue.
  • Jakob v. H. Holtermann contributes with an introductory piece on “Philosophical Questions at the Empirical Turn”, in which (building on earlier work co-authored with Mikael Rask Madsen) he proposes a framework for discussion of the intricate relationship between empirical and more traditional doctrinal approaches to law.
  • Jakob v. H. Holtermann and Anne Lise Kjær have contributed with “What ‘if’? The Emerging Epistemic Community of International Criminal Law”, in which they demonstrate how computer-assisted corpus linguistics combined with philosophy of law and sociology of science can help improve our understanding of legal knowledge and science.
  • Henrik Palmer Olsen and iCourts affiliated researcher Amalie Frese have contributed with “Citing Case Law: A Comparative Study of Legal Textbooks on European Human Rights Law” in which they argue that that 1) network analysis can provide relevant input to legal analysis by relying on objective measures of case importance and 2) scholarship relying on traditional doctrinal methods is more dependent on the authors' subjective outlook than necessary.