14 October 2019

Juan A. Mayoral employed as Associate Professor in EU Law and Politics

Juan A. MayoralJuan A. Mayoral was Assistant Professor in Law & Politics in iCourts/Faculty of Law since 2017 and holds an interdisciplinary education based on his PhD in Political and Social Sciences (European University Institute and the CEACS-Juan March Institute) and BAs in Law, Philosophy and Political Science. His work on EU law, courts and Europeanization has been published in recognized journals in the field (Journal of Common Market Studies, European Law Journal, Journal of European Public Policy, among others). He is also co-convenor of the Law & Courts Section of the European Consortium for Political Research, member of the Board of Danish European Community Studies Association and of the Network of legal empirical scholars.

Juan has implemented interdisciplinary and methodological teaching for the study of EU law and International Law and Courts at the faculties of Law and Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. In this regard, he was recently awarded a Jean Monnet Chair (EUPoLex) for promoting a new cluster of research-based and interdisciplinary courses on EU law and Politics.

As an Associate Professor, Juan will start a new project for understanding public support in European Courts and, by extension, of International Courts.