4 September 2019

iCourts researchers contributes and edits International Studies Quarterly Special Section on “Judicializing International Relations”

International Studies QuarterlyInternational Studies Quarterly just published a Special Section as part of Volume 63, Issue 3, September 2019 titled Judicializing International Relations, which Emilie Hafner-Burton and iCourts Permanent Visiting Professors Karen Alter and Laurence R. Helfer coedited. They also co-authored the lead article Theorizing the Judicialization of International RelationsThis article introduces the symposium: 

"We define the criteria for international and national bodies to contribute to judicializing international relations, and we explain how rights-claiming initiates a process for determining past violations of the law, identifying remedies, and preventing future violations".

The Special Section includes six articles that explore empirically the multiple ways that the judicialization of politics shifts power away from national executives and legislatures toward litigants, judges, arbitrators, and other nonstate actors. In addition theorizing the conditions shaping when, how and to what effect judicialization influences international politics, the framing article (and the contribution of Abebe and Ginsburg) discuss how the judicialization of international relations can be reversed.