10 December 2018

Godzimirska to publish with Creamer in EJIL

Godzimirska and Creamer’s article on the trust-building role of the ECtHR's Registry accepted for publication.

Zuzanna Godzimirska

Zuzanna Godzimirska (iCourts) and Cosette Creamer (University of Minnesota/University of Pennsylvania) have a forthcoming article in the European Journal of International Law. The article is entitled "Trust in the Court: The Role of the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights."

In recent years, the increasing impact of European institutions—and particularly courts—on the daily lives of European citizens has led to growing attention to the public’s trust in these bodies. In contrast to existing research on trust in international courts, which tends to focus on the role of judges and their rulings, this article examines the activities of court Registries and Legal Secretariats. We argue that the civil servants of international courts serve a critical function for a court’s operation and have the potential to play an indispensable trust-building role. Drawing on interviews with court officials and survey responses from government agents, we identify and discuss the practices and features of the Registry that contribute to or undermine member states’ estimations of trust in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). In light of mounting criticism by member governments, our findings have important implications for the continued relevance of and political support for the Court moving forward.