5 December 2018

Research leader with original idea

Urška ŠadlUrška Šadl receives a starting grant from Danish Independent Research Fund’s prestigious Sapere Aude programme. The grant is awarded to talented researchers who can lead novel research projects at a high international level.

The project named ‘Judging Under the Influence’ investigates how law and society interact through courts. It focuses on the Court of Justice, the highest judicial authority of the European Union legal system. The decisions of the Court affect hundreds of institutions throughout the European Union, thousands of policy makers and millions of citizens. As yet, we know little about how the Court makes these decisions.

The project seeks to address this gap in our knowledge. It will answer the question how legal actors (officials acting on behalf of national governments and European Institutions, including the judges of national supreme courts) shape the law made by the Court.

Concretely, it will examine how, under the influence of legal actors, the Court translates societal conflicts about the economy (like a minimum wage), social protection (like unemployment benefits), or private life (like the right to change one’s gender), into the legal argument about competence, rights and obligations.

New and exciting methods
Urška Šadl hopes that her research will raise the consciousness of what it means to be European when it comes to law and judicial institutions:

- I expect that the Sapere Aude grant will strengthen the credibility of my research and increase the relevance of legal empirical and interdisciplinary research. It will give me a possibility to train young, open minded and ambitious researchers and work with previously unavailable legal sources using new and exciting methods, says Urska Sadl.

Urška Šadl is a Global Research Fellow at iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts, an Associate Professor (on leave until 2021) at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, and a professor at the European University Institute in Florence until 2021.

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