20 April 2018

New visitor at iCourts - Walter Arevalo-Ramirez

22 May - 8 August 2018

Walter Arevalo-RamirezWalter Arevalo-Ramirez, LLM, is Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Universidad del Rosario (Bogotá, Colombia), Master in International Law (summa cum laude) and research assistant at Stetson University College of Law (USA) postgraduate in Constitutional Law, Bachelor Degrees in Law (2011), Political Science (2010) and International Relations (2011)(cum laude),University of Rosario. Fellow of the external program of the Hague Academy of International Law and Diploma in Maritime Spaces, water courses and international law of the Hague Academy of International Law (Uruguay Session) Fellow of the United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme of the Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs (The Hague)Visiting Phd student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Arctic University of Norway (JCLOS Center for the Law of the Seas) Phd summer school at the iCourts Center of the Law Phd Program of the University of Copenhagen (2017). Researcher of the Research Group of International Law of the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the University of Rosario (Colombia), Doctoral student (Law) of the University of Rosario. Member of the Colombian Yearbook of International Law. Associate Professor of International Law, El Bosque University. Director of the Latin American Network of International Law Journals.