12 March 2018

New visitor at iCourts - Laurent Pech

25 - 26 September 2018

Laurent Pech

Laurent Pech is Professor of European Law and Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University London. Laurent is also a Visiting Professor of Law at Bordeaux University. Professor Pech specialises in EU Public Law and has lectured in a variety of subjects including EU Constitutional Law, EU Internal Market Law, EU Competition Law and EU Fundamental Rights Law.

Professor Pech is currently a member of the editorial board of Hague Journal on the Rule of Law and his most recent publications focusing on the rule of law include: ‘Illiberalism Within: Rule of Law Backsliding in the EU’ (2017) 19 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 3-47 (with Professor Kim Scheppele); ‘Systemic Threats to the Rule of Law in Poland: Between Action and Procrastination’, European Issue no 451, Foundation Robert Schuman, 13 November 2017 (with Professor Sébastien Platon); ‘Better late than never: On the European Commission’s Rule of Law Framework and its first activation (2016) 54(5) Journal of Common Market Studies 1062 (with Professor Kochenov); ‘The EU as a Global ‘Rule of Law Promoter’: The Consistency and Effectiveness Challenges’ (2016) 14(1) Europe-Asia Journal 7. Professor Pech was also the lead author of a research report commissioned by the European Parliament on the establishment of an EU mechanism on Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights (PE 579.328, April 2016). He also regularly publishes on legal blogs such as the Verfassungblog: https://verfassungsblog.de/author/laurent-pech/