24 July 2018

New visitor at iCourts - Jenna Sapiano

1 August - 31 October 2018

Jenna Sapiano completed her PhD in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. She most recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship funded by Prof Grégoire Webber’s Canada Research Chair at Queen’s University’s School of Law. She has also worked as a Research Associate on the Legal Tools for Peace-making project based at the Lauterpacht Centre for International and held a visiting position at Melbourne Law School as a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Fellow. Previously, Jenna was at the University of Edinburgh, where she completed an MSc in African Studies and an LLM in International Law. She holds a BA from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).
Jenna Sapiano
Her research focuses on the negotiation and implementation of peace agreements. Her doctoral work concerned the drafting and implementation of constitutions that were constitutive of or constite by a  peace agreement. During her stay at iCourts, her research will focus on the decisions of   international courts concerning the international legal status of peace agreements.