27 March 2018

New visitor at iCourts - Christoph Krenn

1 April - 30 June 2018

Christoph KrennChristoph Krenn is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. In June 2017, he successfully defended his dissertation at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. Before joining the Max Planck Institute in 2011, Christoph studied in Graz and Paris and interned for six months at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. He works and publishes in the fields of EU constitutional law, EU internal market law, procedural and institutional law, the European Court of Human Rights, comparative constitutional adjudication and sociology of law. He is the managing editor of volume VII of the Ius Publicum Europaeum series and the co-convener of the working group „A Structural Transformation of Conflict Management in Europe“ at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg.

Christoph will be visiting iCourts from 3 April to 30 June 2018. During his stay he will finalise a book project that builds on his dissertation entitled „Inside the European Court of Justice – Authority and Legitimacy in the Making.“ The book provides a novel perspective on the genesis of the European Court of Justice’s authority and its normative legitimacy. It argues that the inner workings of the European Court – its procedural and organizational law – have been instrumental in building its authority since the 1960s. At the same time, the book shows how this has led to democratic deficits in the Court’s procedure and organization and what can be done about them.