19 November 2018

Jemielniak, Xiang and Ünüvar received a ministerial grant

Joanna Jemielniak, Wen Xiang and Güneş Ünüvar (iCourts), together with partners from Renmin University, Beijing, received a 2-years grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The framework grant of DKK 285 000 was awarded for developing Denmark-China Network for International Economic Dispute Resolution (IEDR).

It is a second grant received recently by Jemielniak, Xiang and Ünüvar for projects related to China – after the DKK 75 000 Dreyer Foundation grant for organization of the II Nordic-Chinese Forum for International Economic Law in April 2019. The II Forum will focus on Sustainable Development and Economic Policy-Making

The IEDR network will explore recent major changes in China’s policies and involvement in international economic law and dispute resolution. It seeks to examine impact of these changes on the EU, with a special focus on Denmark. Consolidation of the role of China as the key global player in trade and investment can be seen, e.g. in the flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which will affect more than a half of the world’s population and cover three continents including Europe. China also has more than 140 international investment agreements (IIAs) with other states, including nearly all EU Member States. China’s involvement in global trade, and its consequences for the EU, are even more critical in the context of the major withdrawal of the United States from international trade initiatives.

Such phenomena as the BRI dispute resolution mechanism, ongoing negotiations of the EU-China bilateral investment treaty, possibility of creation of a multilateral investment court under the auspices of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and consequences of the China-US trade war for the EU economy will be studied. The project will be of direct relevance for Danish stakeholders, including the private sector (companies, law firms), as well as the public one (government agencies, NGOs). It shall also contribute to enhancing bilateral cooperation on judicial affairs between Denmark and China, under the China-Denmark Joint Work Programme (2017-2020).