20 February 2018

Butler and Sadl publish new article in the European Law Review

CURIAVisiting Professors at the Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies and Centre for Excellence for International Courts, Graham Butler and Urska Sadl, have published a new article in the European Law Review, 2018, Volume 43, Issue 1.

The articles examines the preliminary reference system that covers the principle relationship that exists between national courts in EU Member States, and the Court of Justice of the European Union. It also covers the detailed procedural rules and guidelines that govern the co-operation of national courts in the preliminary reference procedure. It highlights the fact that preliminary references can only work when the preliminaries of a reference—the culture of sincere co-operation and litigation, efficient communication, and flexible procedural rules—are in place.

You can read more about the article, ‘The Preliminaries of a Reference, in the latest issue of the European Law Review, published by Sweet and Maxwell here.

For more on Graham Butler’s and Urska Sadl’s research on European Union law, see their profiles at Aarhus University here and the European University Institute here; and at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen here and here.