01 September 2017

The Transformation of Europe: Twenty-Five Years On

Miguel P. Maduro and Marlene Wind, Professor at iCourts, has released a new book on the history of the EU.

25 years after the first publication of Joseph Weiler’s seminal “The Transformation of EU”, Miguel Poiares Maduro, Professor and director of the Global Governance Programme at the European University Institute,   and Marlene, director of Centre for European Politics and professor at iCourts, releases “The Transformation of Europe: Twenty-Five Years On”. The book is a collection of essays by prominent scholars that honors Weiler’s contribution to European studies, by critically engaging with the assumptions and theses underlying his work. The book shows that the original study is still fundamental to the present and future of the EU, including the new challenges posed by the Brexit and the Eurozone crisis.

The book has been applauded by renowned scholars on EU affairs, with Professor Paul Craig, University of Oxford, calling it a “fitting tribute to Weiler’s work, with important contributions form prominent scholars in the field”, and Professor Loïc Azoulai, Institut d'études politiques de Paris, calling it a “A superb exercise of self-reflection and reappropriation of knowledge. A unique way of rethinking Europe in our time” by the generation of scholars influence by Weiler. As such, this volume will prove a valuable addition to the scholarship on European integration.

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