30 August 2017

Jan Komárek employed as Professor

Jan comes from the London School of Economics (LSE), where he since 2010 was an Associate Professor of EU law and Politics in the Department of Law and the European Institute. His research focuses on European and comparative constitutional law and theory. His work has been published, among others, in the Common Market Law Review, the International Journal of Constitutional Law and the American Journal of Comparative Law. Jan also sits on the Editorial Board of the European Constitutional Law Review. He has co-edited the widely cited book Constitutional Pluralism in Europe and Beyond (Hart 2011).

Jan received his D.Phil. from the University of Oxford (2011), a LL.M. from the University of Stockholm (2004) and a Mgr. (Master of Laws) from the Charles University in Prague (2001). He also has experience from legal and diplomatic practice, having worked for the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004-06) and as a legal clerk for the President of the Czech Constitutional Court (2009-10).

Jan’s current project studies what he calls the ‘European constitutional ideology’ – a set of ideas and practices pursued by EU constitutional law scholars who have been promoting a certain vision of the EU and its legal order since its inception. Jan wants to complement the already impressive findings of his colleagues at the University of Copenhagen, who have been looking at the EU from completely new perspectives of legal sociology or history, by a project that will show to EU constitutional scholars the importance of critical theory.

Dean, Jacob Graff Nielsen states: “With the appointment of Jan Komarék as Professor at the Faculty of Law, the Faculty attracts a well-established yet still highly promising researcher to our Centre of Excellence, iCourts. Jan has a notable research record of accomplishment and a very good understanding of the need to create a strong link between research and teaching at the Faculty’s study programmes. It is as pleasure for me to welcome Jan to the faculty”.

Jan will be a member of iCourts.