03 November 2017

The immediate effects of Brighton – Madsen in Weekendavisen

iCourts director Mikael Rask Madsen has a new article regarding the challenges the ECtHR is facing.

In an article in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen printed 3 November, Mikael Rask Madsen discusses why the European Court of Human Rights has been a topic that has garnered so much public debate and media coverage in recent years. He discusses the rationale for establishing an international human rights court and goes in depth about the history and development of the court.

The discussion then turns to the recent political critique of the court. What the critique is focused on, why it has happened and what the potential consequences might be for the court looking forward. In the end however, Mikael Rask Madsen concludes that while the court is under political pressure, it will remain a large factor in Europe for years to come. In order for an international human rights court to have any impact, it must in some ways oppose against the national political powers. The political pressure on the court is therefore to be seen as the natural critique that an international human rights court must endure.

Mikael Rask Madsen is Center Director and Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts). Mikael Rask Madsen’s research is focused on globalization and the role of legal institutions and professionals in these processes, including international courts and their evolutions and challenges, the role of legal elites in the globalization, the development of the legal profession and legal knowledge and power.