26 October 2017

Ph.D. Amalie Frese leads new international research project

Amalie Frese has a new international research project funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark.

When the Court of Justice of the European Union in several cases rules in favour of the consumers in cases about unfair credit terms, it could be because international courts generally have changed legal practice after the economic crisis. The financial crisis, that started in 2007 and is first now really relinquishing its hold, created an increased economic inequality in the Western countries. An inequality, which means that within the Western countries the difference between those who earn the most and the least is now bigger.

Ph.D. Amalie Frese from the Faculty of Law, Centre for International Courts, the University of Copenhagen examines in a new research project funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark the relation between the social and economic consequences of the financial crisis and the legal practice of the international legal community. Legal practitioners, politicians and organizations in the field of especially international economic law, social law and development law will benefit from the research, particularly because the research can give an insight in a kind of international circulation between economy, politics and law.

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