Breakfast Briefing with Peter Vedel Kessing

The Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Conventions

International human rights conventions apply to individuals under the ‘jurisdiction’ of the State. One of the most controversial issues in international human rights law is how to interpret the term 'jurisdiction' and to clarify when human rights conventions apply to extraterritorial behavior/effect. Different international human rights bodies have different approaches and interpretations. This presentation will elaborate on the approach taken by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and discuss recent decisions by the Court and by i.a. the UN Child Committee concerning foreign fighters detained in camps in Syria and by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on cross-border environmental pollution. Similar complaints are currently pending before the ECtHR.

About the speaker:

Peter Vedel Kessing, PhD, is Chief Counsellor at the Department for International Law and Human Rights, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has previously been employed as senior researcher at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. 

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